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Esch2022 ready for take-off

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Luxair is partnering with Esch2022 and the Luxembourgish artist Lynn Cosyn to celebrate the European capital of culture
Luxair is partnering with Esch2022 and the Luxembourgish artist Lynn Cosyn to celebrate the European capital of culture   Bild: Luxair

Esch [ENA] At the beginning of 2021, Luxair and Esch2022 met to discuss their common desire to find an unexpected and unconventional way to promote Esch2022, European capital of culture, throughout Europe and even beyond its borders. It was only natural that these two decided to collaborate and design a plane

together to promote Luxembourg's culture and heritage. The solution was obvious and the choice of the artist was made by Esch2022, together with Luxair, who identified themselves with the designs of Lynn Cosyn and decided to entrust her with the challenge. Luxair is committed to promoting Luxembourg and joining forces with Esch2022 which will be the European capital of culture next year, was only natural.

As of 27 November 2021, travellers and plane-spotters will be delighted to admire the Luxair plane in the colours of the Minett region: emblematic buildings, nature and singular characters straight out of Lynn Cosyn's imagination. The plane will take off for the first time on Saturday 27 November 2021 and will fly the passengers to Tenerife at 1.10 pm (Luxembourg local time)

The captain of the makeover is Lynn Cosyn, a Luxembourgish artist with colourful, naive and childlike art that will appeal to young and old alike. She draws her inspiration from her daily life but is also sensitive to nature. Inspired by the most emblematic places in the Esch2022 area, the illustrations on the Boeing 737-800 are full of details, each one telling a story, linked to very special characters and monuments.

Luxair fully embraces the Esch2022 motto "Remix Culture" and it was important for the national airline to support the Esch2022 project as a "Supporting Partner", especially as both partners share the same values. Diversity and inclusion, deeply rooted values characterised by a sense of belonging and community, both represented on the aircraft, mixing the colours of Esch2022 and Luxair, while adapting to the artist's style through her vivid and colourful designs.

About Esch2022. The city of Esch-Alzette, together with the other 10 Luxembourg municipalities of the Pro-Sud union and the 8 French municipalities of the CCPHVA, is the European Capital of Culture 2022. Esch2022 is organised under the motto of Remix Culture. Its programme of events is developed and implemented in close cooperation with municipalities, ministries, and numerous other partners. Esch2022 is managed by the non-profit organisation Capitale européenne de la culture 2022 asbl. Two more cities in Europe have been appointed European Capitals of Culture in 2022, namely, Kaunas in Lithuania and Novi Sad in Serbia.

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