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Esch2022: Remix Europe

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Esch European Cultural Capital 2022
Esch European Cultural Capital 2022  Bild: Esch2022

Esch [ENA] A Europe without borders where cultures mix and people live together in solidarity and tolerance: these are values ​​to which the future European Capital of Culture 2022 is committed. It is precisely because we are a region where borders are crossed on a daily basis, where people seamlessly switch

switch between different languages, where physical and personal bridges are built, that the European idea is part of our DNA. Perspectives of Europe. Curated in collaboration with Historical Consulting, Luxembourg, and the architectural firm tinker imagineers, Utrecht, the exhibition ‘Perspectives of Europe’, which will be on display in the Möllerei starting December 2022, will take a closer look at the European idea. It will deconstruct existing clichés and examine what defines us as Europeans and to what extent political, cultural or geographical definitions of Europeanness still make sense in a globalised world. Changing perspectives and cultivating an open attitude towards other cultures is at the heart of REMIX EUROPE and key to the

the values that Esch2022 wants to promote at all levels in 2022 and beyond. Esch2022 as a micro-example for Europe. In the context of this vision of a diverse society, the south of Luxembourg can be seen as a micro-example of Europe. Because what defines Europe is the wealth of different cultures living in a community where every individual counts. Bringing about a diverse, borderless society is only possible if we all work together: REMIX EUROPE!

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Esch 2022
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