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Esch2022: Zoom Minett

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Minett Region Esch2022
Minett Region Esch2022  Bild: Esch2022 Zoom Minett

Esch [ENA] A guide to exploring the south of Luxembourg & neighbouring France’ from the Esch2022 European Capital of Culture team takes you on an inspiring voyage of discovery through a region shaped by change and creativity. Prepare to explore 60 or so exciting destinations, covering everything from classic

crowd-pleasers like Bettembourg Fairy Tale Park to rough-and-ready relics of the industrial heyday. Plenty of insider tips, tantalising tales and fresh perspectives await. Who is the wild woman believed to haunt the old mining village of Lasauvage? What is the Humpen waiting to be discovered at the Haard-Hesselsbierg-Staebierg nature reserve? And where can you climb a headframe like a real miner? Find out on a journey through the 11 Pro-Sud municipalities in the south of Luxembourg and the 8 municipalities in the Communauté de Communes Pays Haut Val d’Alzette (CCPHVA) over in neighbouring France that make up the Esch2022 European Capital of Culture.

It won’t take you long to realise that this region is an exciting tourist destination that deserves to be in the spotlight next year and beyond. “The text and images in this travel guide zoom in to show you something up close and personal, before zooming all the way out again to offer a broader look at people and places along with the fascinating stories behind them,” explains Thierry Kruchten, Head of Tourism, Mobility & Sustainable Development at Esch2022.

The Minett through fresh eyes. The stories are accompanied by scenes skilfully captured by local photographer Emile Hengen. “The Zoom Minett travel guide puts the spotlight on the south of Luxembourg and neighbouring France, opening up fresh perspectives for tourists and locals on either side of the border. What a great opportunity to learn more about the Minett region, which certainly comes across as an exciting destination with plenty to offer,” says Lex Delles, Minister for Tourism in Luxembourg.

Inspiration and information abound across 168 pages – you’ll even be able to pick up some quirky accommodation recommendations and top tips for sustainable travel. Simply scan the QR codes to find out more about a particular place or attraction online. The map of the region is a good place to start and a handy way of pinpointing the sites as you go along. The guide also provides a full picture of the Minett Trail for keen hikers and the Minett Cycle Tour for adventurous tourists alongside those fold-out pages packed with photos of industry, nature, urban art and food and drink.

Éditions Guy Binsfeld are to thank for the content and design concept, the copy and the layout. The guide is available in English, French and German. ‘Zoom Minett – A guide to exploring the south of Luxembourg & neighbouring France’ is available to buy in English, French and German in Luxembourg and the wider area as well as online:, 168 pages including four fold-out photo pages, EUR 16.50. Esch2022 is inviting anyone who has read the guide or visited the region to share their favourite local spots and travel recommendations in the ‘Travel Stories’ section on the Esch2022 website here:

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