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The Dutch Design Week till October 24

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Van Tot Sunseeker
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EINDHOVEN (NL) [ENA] Every year in October, the Dutch Design Week (DDW), the most important design event in northern Europe, takes place in Eindhoven. The projects and ideas of more than 2,600 designers are presented to 350,000 visitors from the Netherlands and all over Europe. In over 110 locations across the city,

DDW's program includes exhibitions, lectures, award ceremonies, networking events, debates and parties. Although the event addresses every possible interpretation and declination of design, the emphasis is on experimentation, innovation and cross-over. Exceptional attention goes to the work and development of young talent, as DDW is particularly focused on the design of the future and the future of design. The aim is to show how designers from all over the world shape a shared and positive future, and young Dutch designers in particular contribute to this mission.

The world federation of Sphere DDW
Vantot Sunseeker @MaxKneefel012

From 16 to 24 October 2021, DDW presents a wide range of inspiring and contemporary design projects. This year's overarching theme is The Greater Number - the search for the better number and a call for quality, understood as a value in its own right, but also as diversity and originality. Divided into four sub-themes, the program focuses both on the speculative idea and research and on the final product and concrete solutions to problems. This focus is reflected in the exhibitions at the Klokgebouw, Microlab Hall and Fuutlaan. Moreover, DDW pays special attention to young talent, with numerous professional studios, universities and partners showcasing their projects throughout the city.

The centrepiece of DDW is the Klokgebouw in Strijp-S, which opens the 2021 edition with a maze-like exhibition on the ideas of former chief architect and DDW ambassador Floris Alkemade. There is also the unique Class of 2021 exhibition, in which ten design colleges are invited to showcase the work of their best students. The universities of technology present their projects as Design United, witnessing the cutting edge of scientific research, technology and design. In the Klokgebouw, the Dutch Fund for the Creative Industry will also present the recipients of scholarships for the most deserving, and four world design embassies will show the results of their year-long cooperation.

Outside, on the Ketelhuisplein, artist Arne Hendriks will present his project Hara Hachi Bu, a small village where people practice producing less and consuming less. Also on the square is The Exploded View, a house designed by Lucas de Man's Nieuwe Helden, built entirely out of bio-based materials. Dedicated to the relationship between man and nature, it focuses on the solutions that can be found in the natural world, the greatest source of inspiration when it comes to adaptability. It's in our nature @ Klokgebouw In this thematic exhibition on the relationship between man and nature, we first focus on the solutions that can be found in nature, the greatest source of inspiration when it comes to adaptability

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