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The Hague Fashion Week opens with 2021 edition

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Runway The Hague Fashion Week
Runway The Hague Fashion Week  Bild: The Hague Fashion Week (c)

The Hague [ENA] From 14 to 17 October, The Hague was all about fashion. With an extensive programme of exhibitions, fashion shows, a design competition, workshops and a fashion route, The Hague Fashion Week will colour the Hofstad with talent. The highlight of the fashion week includes many shows.

"We are very excited to celebrate this first physical edition of The Hague Fashion Week with the most promising fashion talent in the Netherlands. Especially in these turbulent times, it is important to showcase culture and give the new generation of designers a platform." Says Allan Vos, director of The Hague Fashion Week. "Fashion, art & culture inspires and paves the way for themes that would otherwise remain unspoken about. Economically, ecologically and ethically, fashion makes a statement, and the talent that shows during THFW, even more so."

World's first fashion exhibition for the visually impaired

Part of the programme of The Hague Fashion Week is the world's first fashion exhibition for the blind and visually impaired, 'Looking with your hands', which can be seen and touched from 14 October in the museum Escher in Het Paleis. The museum presents an experimental exhibition by designer Michelangelo Winklaar in which visitors are invited to use their sense of touch to experience the designs. The exhibition is in line with the mission of The Hague Fashion Week and of Escher in Het Paleis to be actively inclusive to target groups that are less inclined to enjoy fashion.

Xiaomi & The Hague Fashion Week Talent Search 2021

In collaboration with partner Xiaomi, The Hague Fashion Week organises a competition for new fashion talent. Participants submit a fashion design that is inspired by the new smartphone Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE. Twelve selected talents will present the design during THFW in the Grote Kerk in The Hague on 17 October. The winning designer receives €2,500 and the opportunity to present a fashion collection during THFW 2022.

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