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New long-stay visa program The Bahamas

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Bahamas New Visa Scheme
Bahamas New Visa Scheme  Bild: Courtesy of Bahamas Tourism Board

The Bahamas [ENA] Bahamas New Visa Scheme: The Bahamas, the Caribbean paradise, has launched a new long-stay BEATS visa to meet the growing demand of international visitors who wish to move to the island for business, leisure or (why not?) to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

If you work from home, in fact, often all you need is an internet with a reliable connection. In that case, why not work from the Bahamas? The new visa is valid for one year and can be applied for by those who want to move to work remotely, have a second home on the island or stay for a longer period. It is a visa that meets the international demand to be able to move to this slice of paradise (less than an hour from Miami) that has been able to manage the global pandemic effectively by implementing tests and all kinds of monitoring.

It is no coincidence that the wonderful archipelago is now perceived as a perfect destination for long-term relocation, as it provides a fairly protected environment from Covid as well as economic, political and legal stability. The collective response of the government and the entire country to the health emergency offers visitors, who are staying for the long term, an opportunity to escape the restrictions in their countries and move with minimal effort to live and work on an island.

In fact, it is already expected that the new visa will attract thousands of people and families who will invest in the country in the long term, especially among those who can work remotely and those who are looking for the ideal place to enjoy, in an optimal climate, any leisure time obtained through retirement. It will be in the Bahamas that you will have the opportunity to enjoy a perfect balance between professional and private life thanks to advanced infrastructure capable of transforming the archipelago into the ideal place for those seeking to make the most of business productivity and leisure time.

The country provides unprecedented support for working remotely, thanks to a transparent financial system, state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure and reliable ICT connectivity. The Caribbean paradise is known for its beautiful beaches, coral reefs and breath-taking landscapes, but also for the perfect organization of many recreational activities such as golf, hiking, water sports and scuba diving. In fact, working life in the Bahamas does not exclude recreation, and after a productive working day it is time to enjoy the culture and hospitality of the island.

The new People-to-People experience, for example, was created with the aim of turning locals into perfect ambassadors eager to share a piece of island life with guests from other nations. Guests can choose the metropolitan atmosphere of Nassau and Paradise Island or the more relaxed scene on The Exumas, Cat Island and Eleuthera, one of the islands that is developing more infrastructures and is also the closest to Harbor Island, famous for the absence of cars, in fact you can only go around in a golf cart or by bike.

Whatever you choose, it will be easy to find the perfect location to meet your needs. It's no coincidence that the Bahamas are at the top of the list of Caribbean education, business and health care standards. With the BEATS program, students taking virtual courses can expand their horizons, having full access to the University of The Bahamas with highly qualified consultants, up-to-date databases and excellent libraries. Not only that, the BEATS project will provide students with the opportunity to experience different cultures while traveling on multiple islands. To make studying in The Bahamas a seamless transition, students will also have the opportunity to obtain mentoring for a full academic year.

For more information about the BEATS For more information about the people-to-people program: For more information about study support, please contact the University of The Bahamas via this link: For contacts: Bahamas Honorary Consulate Milan Italy

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